Just lost one of your employees and wondering how you will find a qualified replacement quickly?


The solution is simpler than you think.

With Y2 Consulting Psychologists’ iRecruitment system you can create a pool of prequalified candidates and have it at your fingertips when you have unexpected (or even expected) vacancies in your organization.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with what a prequalified pool is, it is the result of a process that identifies a number of candidates who meet your requirements when there is (or may be) a need to fill one or even several positions.

A list (or pool) is established for one or a number of similar positions (of the same type and level).  The list contains the names of individuals who have been determined, through evaluation, to be qualified according to the requirements of, or the qualifications for, the positions.

Indeed, all the candidates in the pool are considered to be qualified.  All you have to do is pick the one that fits your current needs – the right person for the job.

Several of our iRecruitment clients actually opt to create such pools of qualified candidates. It allows them to quickly fill a vacant position and to focus their time and energy on actually managing and attending to the core goal of their business; be it rendering a quality service or selling products.

A common hiring mistake

One of the most common hiring mistakes organizations make is not really understanding the cost/benefit of spending money in the recruitment process, which can take a lot of time, energy and expense.

With Y2CP’s iRecruitment system, you can have it all – all the benefits of a highly-successful recruitment process at a reasonable price and a pool filled with the candidates you require.

iRecruitment helps you find the motivated and qualified candidates that you are looking for. It’s an automated recruitment and hiring system which is affordable, simple, flexible and efficient.  It is designed for small and medium enterprises (SMEs).  And it allows you to do cutting-edge recruitment tied to today’s market.

Y2CP’s all-in-one staffing system evaluates the candidates’ experience and through a quick psychometric test, it determines key interpersonal, analytical and motivational factors which are most important for job performance and organizational profitability.

In other words, Y2CP’s applicant tracking and hiring system has an integrated screening process that allows employers to quickly identify higher potential candidates; those that are more likely to possess positive attributes (like a positive work attitude) and less likely to engage in counter-productive behaviours at work (like a negative work style, lateness, absenteeism, substance use at work, etc.).  Such candidates are more likely to become engaged employees – ones who are supportive of your organizational vision and goals and who are less likely to leave your company or organization.

Want to learn more about our iRecruitment system? We are just a click or a call away: contact us.

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Dr Yaniv Benzimra

Dr Yaniv Benzimra

Consulting psychologist and Managing partner with the Y2 Consulting Psychologists, Dr. Yaniv M. Benzimra holds a doctorate in clinical psychology from the University of Ottawa . His doctoral thesis was related to psychological stress at work and during natural disasters. He is an expert in the evaluation and treatment of both individual and organizational stress, and specializes in training and in personal and professional development.

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