Hire Smarter

  • Online recruitment and job application.
  • Competency assessment.
  • Applicant tracking and selection of the best candidates.

The iRecruitment solution

Finally an automated recruitment and hiring system designed for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) which is affordable, simple, flexible and efficient!

Thanks to our bilingual online system, minimize time and money losses as well as errors in hiring personnel.

Choose only qualified candidates who have the key competencies you are looking for and who are motivated and able to work for your business and in your activity sector.

Our all-in-one staffing system evaluates the candidates' experience and knowledge as well as, through psychometric testing, key interpersonal, analytical and motivational factors which are most important for job performance and organizational profitability.

Employers who posted on iRecruitment:

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Application & evaluation of the candidate

Application form and evaluation of the candidate

Evaluated competencies, abilities & risks

  • Judgment
  • Stress tolerance
  • Achieving results
  • Working with others
  • Client/customer service
  • Motivation/career objectives
  • Counterproductive behaviours
  • Socially desirable traits

Work style assessment

Work style assessment

Situational judgment test

Situational judgment test

Evaluations results

Evaluations results

Interview based on competencies

Interview guide based on key competencies

Reference checks

Online reference checks

Better hiring decision

Man choose employee

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On which job sites will your position be posted?

Firstly, your position will automatically be displayed on:

  • the iRecruitment website
  • the iRecruitment Facebook page
  • the iRecruitment LinkedIn page
  • the iRecruitment Twitter page

In addition, we will post your position on the following popular job sites:

  • Emploi Québec
  • indeed * (180 million visitors a month)
  • option-carriere.ca (330,000 visitors a month in Canada)
  • careerjet.ca
  • jooble
  • JobsKebek **
  • sitedemploi **
  • Neuvoo **
  • mitula (40 million visitors a month worldwide)

* All of our job offers are sponsored (conditions apply).
** All job offers are displayed randomly.

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Four steps to select the best candidates

Etape_1_ImagePromotion & management of your job offers

Raise the visibility of your vacancies on various job sites and on social networks, and easily manage applications to find the best employees.

Etape_2_ImageJob application

Evaluate experience and knowledge considered important for employment.

Four steps to select the best candidates

Etape_3_ImageCandidate Assessment

Perform a rapid assessment of key competencies. Enhance the evaluation of pre-qualified candidates using our structured interviews and reference checks.

Etape_4_ImageHiring Decision

You can now make an informed hiring decision with all the information collected.

1. Promotion & management of your job offers 2. Job application 3. Candidate Assessment 4. Hiring Decision
  1. Promotion & management of your job offers

You can easily increase the visibility of your positions on various job sites and on social networks and easily manage the applications in order to find the best employees. By posting on our site, your job is automatically displayed on i-recruitment.ca, on our Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter pages.

If you do not have time to post and promote your job offers, let our team do it for you for as little as $ 250 per position (contact us for more information about our satisfaction guaranteed policy & our volume discounts).

Promotion & management of your job offers
  1. Job application

The candidate fills in the online application and submits it for the position (or positions) that you post. You will be able to evaluate the experience & knowledge considered important for your job.

You now have access to a paperless solution that allows you to access all the information about each candidate (including their work experience, knowledge, resume, video presentation, links to their social networking pages (Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter) and their evaluation results (see next step).

Job application
  1. Candidate Assessment

By completing our job application questionnaire, candidates answer questions that quickly assess their interpersonal, analytical & motivational skills. These factors are important to job performance and organizational profitability.

Assessed competencies

Our online recruitment system evaluates the following skills and abilities:

  • judgment
  • stress tolerance
  • achieving results
  • working with others
  • client/customer service
  • motivation/career objectives
Candidate Assessment

Our system also evaluates:

  • counterproductive behaviours (punctuality, absenteeism, drug/alcohol consumption in the workplace, etc.)
  • socially desirable traits (determines if the candidate has exaggerated on their self- evaluations)

Work Style Assessment

The Work Style Assessment is completed by the candidate during the job application process. This test measures the key competencies sought in candidates. It also evaluates the candidate's potential counterproductive behaviour at work.

Situational Judgment Test

The Situational Judgment Test is also completed by the candidate during the job application process. This test quickly assesses the required judgment to solve work-related problems and situations. The questions are adapted to the level of the position (non-managerial, supervisory or management).

Interviews & Reference Checks

You can also improve the assessment of pre-qualified candidates using our structured interviews & automated checks references:

Interview guide based on competencies

Interview only candidates that meet your criteria in terms of experience & knowledge and who were successful at the evaluation step. Our recruitment system offers interview guides to help you further increase your chances of choosing the "best" candidates during interviews with the finalists. You will have access to various interview questions based on the competencies tailored to the experience of the candidate. You can complete an online interview guide developed by our experts.

Online reference checks

Are you still undecided about hiring after the interview? You can send one or more requests for automated reference checks directly through our system. The reference answers online to the questions targeting work styles & other key aspects and you have immediate access to the results.

  1. Hiring Decision

You can now minimize selection errors & make an informed hiring decision with all the information that has been gathered. Besides being able to retain or hire or dismiss, you can invite interesting candidates to apply for other positions that you have to fill.

Hiring Decision

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Our easy-to-use online recruitment system will allow you to:

  • Automate and simplify the hiring process
  • Hire the right person for the job
  • Reduce the turnover and retention of staff
  • Reduce hiring and turnover costs
  • Improve the quality of hiring decisions
  • Increase productivity and job performance
  • Eliminate unnecessary costs
  • Identify future leaders
  • Increase your revenues
  • Improve client service
  • Reduce your impact on the environment by reducing the amount of paper used

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Enjoy the iRecruitment system from as little as $ 21* per month!

Access to the complete online recruitment system is offered to you with unlimited use annual subscription at a fixed price, payable in 1, 2 or 12 installments.

If you have additional requirements or requirements tailored to your use, additional fees may apply.

Please contact us to obtain a quote.

*The price varies depending on the size of your business.

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Please note that iRecruitment targets the Canadian labor market and is reserved for job seekers who are authorized to work in Canada. iRecruitment does not offer any immigration assistance or work permit services. Applying for jobs on iRecruitment is completely free. Beware of iRecruitment imitations and consult Immigration and Citizenship Canada directly for more information about immigration to Canada.