MSH Pharma is a private Canadian company that develops and manufactures suppositories, vaginal ovules, and liquid products. Within this specialty, we are known for having the largest manufacturing capacity in North America, both for brand-name and generic drugs.

MSH Pharma is a subsidiary of Endoceutics, a company that specializes in women’s health as well as the prevention and treatment of hormone-sensitive cancers. The success of the Intrarosa® prasterone vaginal ovule, Endoceutics’ flagship product, was the springboard for MSH Pharma, which has manufactured this prescription product since 2017. This product has allowed us to establish industry-leading expertise in development, manufacturing and packaging, while cementing our credibility on the world stage.

Driven by a result-oriented approach and commitment to effective solutions, MSH Pharma already has an impressive portfolio of partners and continues to grow.

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597 boulevard Sir-Wilfrid-Laurier
Mont-Saint-Hilaire (Québec) J3H 6C4
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